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Holiday Date
September 25 - October 5, 2022

High Holiday Reservation

  • Welcome to the High Holiday Services!

  • Welcome to the High Holiday services at Chabad of Red Rock! We are happy to be returning to the Red Rock Resort for High Holiday Services! Please take note of the following Covid points:

    1. As mandated by the State of Nevada, face coverings are mandatory.
    2. We highly encourage you to get vaccinated. If you aren't, you might consider getting tested for Covid within a few days of the High Holidays, though a test is not required. These will be indoor services, so let's be on the lookout for each other. Of course, if you feel ill or otherwise believe that you may be carrying Covid, please pray from home. 
    3. Due to Covid, we are expecting there to be less attendees than in the past, so we have less seats than in the past. We therefore encourage you to register in advance, even though it isn't required.
    4. For the same reason, we won't be using the Red Rock Resort on the 2nd Day of Rosh Hashanah. Instead, the 2nd Day Service will be held at Chabad of Red Rock (the Rivkin Home). If needed, the Shofar blowing at that service will be conducted outdoors.

    Some things stay the same: The prayers are still warm, the people are still friendly (possibly from a distance)!  

    Whether your background in Jewish prayer and practice is extensive or limited, the services will leave you feeling enriched, connected, uplifted and energized to start your New Year in the most meaningful way possible.

    Many of the prayers are recited by the congregation in unison, specifically in English, so that everyone can participate. Hebrew/English prayer books are used throughout the service. Songs and commentary are interspersed throughout.

  • The High Holiday Services Schedule

  • Our service schedule is as follows:

    1) Sept. 7 - The Red Rock Resort 

    Morning Services (Shacharis): 9:30 AM (Shofar Blowing at approximately 11:30 am)

    2) Sept. 8 - Chabad of Red Rock (Rivkin House)

    Morning Services (Shacharis): 9:30 AM (Shofar Blowing at approximately 11:30 am)

    3) Sept. 15th - Red Rock Resort

    Kol Nidrei - 6:15

    3) Sept. 16th - Red Rock Resort

    Morning Services (Shacharis): 9:30 AM (Yizkor at Approximately 12:00)

    Afternoon Service: 5:15 PM

    Ne'ilah (Closing Service): 6:15 PM 

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  • 4. Optional Donation

  • Chabad never charges to enter a service, Corona-times or not. Please consider a High Holiday contribution towards our High Holiday services and programs throughout the year. In the merit of Tzeddakah may we all be blessed with a sweet new year!

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