The RebbeAbout Chabad
Chabad is an international movement dedicated to aiding every single Jew in connecting to our heritage. The inspiration and guiding force to this movement is the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. He shared his love towards G‑d and the Jewish nation with his followers, his Chassidim, resulting in Chabad outreach. For more about the Chabad movement, click here. Chabad in the greater Las Vegas area now has 8 centers. Click here to see our affiliates.

Child Studying ChumashOur Mission
Any Mitzvah. Any Jew. Any Moment. The Jewish people are quite diverse. But there must be some Mitzvah that everyone can relate to. We believe in the immeasurable power of every Jew, and the immeasurable value of every Mitzvah. Our mission is to provide every Jew with that opportunity in a loving, accepting and non-judgmental manner.

clipart-map-pin-256x256-f37c.pngOur Location
Chabad of Red Rock is currently based out of Chabad of Southern Nevada, located at 1261 Arville St.
Most programs, events and services are run out of the home of Yosef and Binie Rivkin, located in the Vistas. Would you like to host an event as well? Contact us to schedule a class or program in your home, and invite all of your friends over!

image1.JPGContact Us
Rabbi Yosef Rivkin: [email protected]

Mrs. Binie Rivkin: [email protected]

Call: (702) 217-2170