Aleph Champ is a karate motivated Hebrew reading system that follows the age old, traditional mesorah.

What do Karate and Hebrew Reading have in common you ask?
Karate is a traditional art that is divided into ten colored levels. Moving up a level is a proof of hard work and determination and is therefore a source of pride. 
Aleph Champ takes inspiration from Karate and divides Hebrew reading skills  into 10 colored levels. There are fun games and activities to help the students meet their goals. Moving up a level in Aleph Champ is a source of pride for students and this makes them self motivated to succeed. A self motivated student is a quality that is unique to the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading program.

Here are some advantages:

1. Breaks down Hebrew reading into manageable goals and levels.

2. Allows for multiple levels within one classroom.

3. Easily identifies skills and areas of difficulty for staff and parents to work on.

4. Success alone is the motivation! Students are personally inspired to advance. 

Q. What if my child is older but doesn't even know the Hebrew alphabet yet? Will it be possible to keep up?
A. The Aleph Champ system enables each student to advance at their own pace. 

Q. What if my child is young but already far ahead in in Hebrew reading? Will it be boring to sit in class?
A. See the answer above. Whether you're ahead or behind, Aleph Champ helps you advance from wherever you're up to right now.

 Q. What is the goal of Aleph Champ?
A. The goal is proficient Hebrew reading. 

Q. Is it possible to learn how to read Hebrew in a once-a-week Hebrew School schedule?
A. Without a doubt, students who practice and study at home on their own time will have more success and cover ground faster. For that reason, we give homework and encourage students and parents to complete it. Ultimately though, it is up to each child to push ahead and make progress. If the child is ready to work, they will succeed! The good news is that the Karate-style system is an excellent source of motivation!